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The simplistic rule of thumb here is to use “Common Sense.” This is an Online community and we would expect you follow Common Sense and Standard Online Forum and Blog Etiquette with regards to your fellow participant.

In case you do not understand, here it is in black and white:

  1. Don’t be an ass****, ie “golden rule”. No excessive/over the top swearing.
  2. No ad-hominem (or personal) attacks.
  3. Work to stay on topic without self-promoting*
  4. Only original comments here, do not post private emails, other people’s work.

The Forum and Site Guidelines is a work in progress and will change as the community develops and evolves. The guidelines are not restricted to what is stated here, site admins and moderators will use their best judgment to keep the conversations on track and diffuse situations.

* The staff of the TPT is free to self-promote it’s services and other ventures that directly relate to funding the Twitter Poker Tour.