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Building a poker bankroll is a difficult process.  It takes time, energy, and a lot of solid play.  But for players who haven’t yet taken advantage of Rakeback and other free offers, they are simply just making their lives more difficult.  Rakeback is one of the single easiest methods of increasing your bankroll, simply by playing poker.

What exactly is Rakeback?

Wherever you play poker, whether it’s online or at a casino or card room, the place you’re playing at is taking a cut from all of your play.  If it’s a cash hand, they take a rake from every pot.  In tournaments, you pay an entry fee to join.  And if you’re playing regularly with any sort of volume, this figure begins to add up over time to quite a substantial amount.  Depending on how much you play, it could easily equate to hundreds, and perhaps thousands of dollars each month!

For many years, advertisers (or affiliates as their referred to by online poker rooms) have been paid a commission based on bringing new players to poker sites.  The commission is paid out by receiving a percentage of the revenue (the rake) that is generated by their referrals.  Then, a few years ago, advertisers realized that they could get a whole lot more sign ups by offering a chunk of their earnings back to their players as both an incentive to sign up, and to play more, generating more rake for their continued play.  Today, this is known as the Rakeback Industry.

Rakeback is a very simple concept, and answers the rhetorical question, “do you want extra money for what you’re already doing?”  Assuming your answer is “yes,” then Rackeback is for you.  When you’re signing up for a new site, do so through a Rakeback provider like the Twitter Poker Tour Rakeback program.

Is It legal?

Today, the Rakeback industry is HIGHLY regulated by the poker sites including having hard caps on percentages that Rakeback providers can offer.  At the Twitter Poker Tour, we offer the highest allowed percentages on every single one of our Rakeback offers. We also offer  initial deposit bonuses, Rake Races, Rake Chases, and Freeroll Tournaments every month, depending on which site you sign up with.

How do I sign up?

If you’re looking at opening a new poker account, simply SIGN UP FOR YOUR ACCOUNT HERE and you’ll be enrolled for your bonus.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS ON THE SIGN UP PAGE TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROPERLY SIGNED UP.  Once you’ve signed up for the program, it usually takes a few days to see your stats start to accumulate.

If you have any problems with setup, or questions about how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Rakeback@Twitterpokertour.com.  We are highly trained in answering your questions and will resolve your questions as quickly as possible.