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By virtue of having more chips, Literary Hack wins event #2 with a chop.

The Twitter Poker Tour Championship Series concluded event #2 on Tuesday evening with a $2+1 No Limit Hold’em Event with Rebuys, with the top place being decided based on a chip-chop.  Literary Hack (@literaryhack) would end the night with the most chips after chopping heads up with Street 3 (@street3) as the duo survived the 44 player field that saw a total of 146 rebuys and 35 add-ons, en route to generating a $450 prize pool.  While the pair had a practically even money split, it was Literary Hack that received the Tournament’s top prize by virtue of having more chips when the chop was agreed upon, and will move onto the TPTCS Tournament of Champions.

The event was hosted on Full Tilt Poker by 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event November Niner Kelly Kim (@KK_Poker) who ran up a big stack early.  But shortly after the add-on period, Kim was eliminated in a hand where he 4-bet shoved his pocket-jacks from the cutoff into the KK of fleapid (@coolwhipflea) in the small blind, and busted in 33rd place.  Many thanks again to Kelly for hosting and playing with us.

Play continued for the next 2 hours until the bubble was reached, and with 6 players left it was ptparty who was fighting the shortest stack. With only 3 big blinds left ptparty was in the big blind when Street 3 opened the button enough to cover ptparty who made the call with Ac-7h.  ptparty needed some help against Street 3’s Jc-Js, and the flop gave a little sweat when it came Ts-9h-8d, giving ptparty an up and down straight draw.  But the turn 5c and the river 3s offered no improvement, and ptparty was eliminated in 6th place on the bubble.

Just two hands later, MC70 opened to 4800 and received a call from Literary Hack in the big blind.  The flop of Jc-Js-2d was checked by Literary Hack, and MC70 moved all in for 17k.  Literary Hack quickly called with Ah-Jh having flopped trips and leaving MC70 in peril with Ad-Kd.  The 3h on the turn ended things and MC70 was eliminated in 5th place earning $40.50 as well as 40 points for the Player of The Series Leaderboard.

Literary Hack provided the next knock out as well, when RuntCake (@mattcwaldron) moved in for his last 10k with Qc-5c, and Literary Hack made the call with 6s-6d.  The flop came out Td-Ac-8h and the 6’s of Literary Hack were well in the lead.   But RuntCake hit his 3 outter on the turn with the Qd to claim lead heading to just the river card.  The lead was short lived however, as the river dealt the 6h, making a set for Literary Hack and eliminating RuntCake in 4th place ($54).

With 3 players remaining, it was fleapid (@coolwhipflea) that opened the button with a min-raise, and Street 3 defended from the Big Blind.  The flop came out Qs-8s-2h and Street 3 checked.  Fleapid made a 4k continuation bet and Street 3 check-raised all in for 76k total, putting fleapid to the test.   Fleapid made the call with a flush draw showing Ks-6s while Street 3 turned over Qh-9h.  The turn was the 4d and the river the Jd, and the top pair of Q’s held for Street 3, eliminating fleapid in 3rd place ($72).

Heads up play lasted only a few hands before Street 3 and Literary Hack agreed to the deal. The two chopped the remaining prize pool with Literary Hack ($142.87) taking slightly more than Street 3 ($140.63) based on a slight chip lead, and the match was over.  Based on Literary Hack having more chips at the end of play, he was deemed the winner of event #2 and earned a seat in the TPTCS Tournament of Champions Freeroll event.  Here’s how the final money was paid out:

1st – Literary Hack ($142.87*)

2nd – Street 3 ($140.63*)

3rd – fleapid ($72)

4th – RuntCake ($54)

5th – MC70 ($40.50)

(* – denotes that players agreed to a chop)

Event #3 is this Thursday, a $5+1 double stack No Limit Hold’em event, as the TPT Live Show will be on air with a special guest (to be announced soon).  Players will be competing for a chance to become the 3rd TPTCS Champion and gain entry to the Tournament of Champions event as well as accumulate points for the TPTCS Player of the Series Leaderboard.  Congratulations again to Literary Hack (@LiteraryHack) and Street 3 (@Street3) for the big wins tonight.  We’ll see you again on Thursday.